Baby Blues


The “baby blues” is a mild, temporary condition experienced by as many as 80% of new mothers within the first few days after childbirth. In spite of careful planning, the sense of responsibility and the reality of caring for a new baby does not really hit most parents until the first few days at home.


Due to a sudden drop in hormones, a woman may feel weepy, exhausted, anxious, or tense. If these feelings seem overwhelming, or continue past the first two weeks, a woman should seek help from a caring professional.


What can you do to ease the baby blues?

  • SLEEP – Take time out for naps. Sleep when given the opportunity.
  • EAT – Have small, nutritious, and easy to prepare meals throughout the day.
  • SUPPORT – Talk with non-judgmental friends or family who allow you to express your feelings. Ask for help, accept help. Let someone else do the cooking and cleaning.



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