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Maternal mental health disorders like postpartum depression can affect anyone. We need to ask her how she’s really feeling and listen to mothers when they tell us they are not doing well.

Despite what you may have heard, the maternal instinct is not a switch that flips once the baby comes into the world. For many moms, it’s learned over time and through a collection of experiences and support from other mothers. Let new moms in your life know that this is a journey. They may not have all the answers yet, but they will find their way.

Today ask a new mom in your life how she is really feeling. And, if they are really struggling, you can tell them it’s not uncommon (or not unusual) and help is available.

Chat With An Expert

Postpartum Support International hosts free, live phone sessions every week. During these sessions you can connect with other moms and dads, and talk with a PSI expert about resources, symptoms, options and general information about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders from the privacy of your own phone, facilitated by licensed mental health professionals. Click here for more information/details.

Please note: The bridge line will stop accepting callers when the maximum of 15 callers has been reached. Sessions will last approximately one hour. These Chats are not meant to take the place of needed visits to healthcare providers and do not provide therapy.

Chat Number: 1-800-944-8766
Participant Code 73162

This site has been created to help you understand Postpartum Depression and Prenatal Depression. We’ll provide information regarding types of depression, who it affects, and some resources to get help. Browse around and hopefully you’ll find the tools you need.



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